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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life of Renae.....quite boring actually.

I thought I'd give everone a view of what my apartments look like. My apartment is on the other side of the building but 3 of the apartments I lived in were on this side.

So this week has been eventful....not really. So far at work I have 3 hours overtime and it's not over. I am pretty excited for this next paycheck. Mainly because I'm saving up for a car and hopefully towards the end of September I will have one! After living here for 3 years I will finally have transportation, yay! I am pretty excited so I'm taking as much hours as I can get. With one paycheck I can pay for my rent and phone bill and still have money left over. On a more personal note I dyed my hair blonde again. Unfortunately I did it way too many times that my ends were so dead that they fell off. So my hair is currently shorter than what I wanted it to be. Here goes the process of trying to grow out my hair.....awesome. Oh well thats basically all that's happened to me this month pretty lame but thats what happens when you work a lot (I decided I'm a workaholic). I got a raise though so I guess it all pays off in the end.

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