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Thursday, September 16, 2010


This is the kind of car I got it basically looks like that. It is a 93 thunderbird LX. Of course I have to make payments on it but oh well that sounds reasonable. Josh helped me out on looking for a car. What an awesome guy I love him so much. So yeah I'm looking for a new job because I don't think that I'll have enough to pay everything that I have to pay for and save money. So yeah pretty exciting my life and what not, but that's about it for my life so far.



Carrie said...

Hooray for independence!!!!! I'm so happy for you, I bet its so nice to have your freedom to drive yourself places. So now you can come visit us right?????? We love you have fun!!!

Rosie said...

Are you still at Sconecutter? I want to come visit!

Renae said...

oh yes i can! that would be awesome i miss you guys so much.
Rosie yes i do come visit me!
sunday 10:30 to 6pm monday 5-1am tuesday 6-2am friday and saturday 10-6pm