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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tear a page from the night sky- Joshua DiNardo

Tear a page from the night sky,
Each star a savior in the void.
No word might describe it,
Something becomes nothing and all falls down.
Truth and beauty lost in a cosmic love story.

=] Decided to throw in a little poem from the boy.
Let me tell you how my life has been lately.
Since my last post everything got a little shady with work and personal drama no full details but yeah....
anyways I got fired from my job for about an hour meaning that I woke up an hour later and had a text from my manager. I called him though and straightened it all out. So I'm going to get a new job where my boss doesn't text me to fire me. Sounds good to me. Something though that is going to make this month better, I will be getting a new car in a couple of weeks. YAY that way I can find a job that doesn't require me to live close to it. Now Sconecutter is trying to find any way to cast me in a bad light which will be nothing because I do everything there plus more better than anyone. Hopefully soon I will have more posts on my life and not on work.
Hokay Im gonna sleep. Have a good one folks.

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Josh said...

I am so very in love with you